At Intelligent Ag, our goal has always been to make simple, yet reliable products that make it easy to farm smarter. With its patented acoustic technology, our Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor takes a unique approach to precision agriculture, not only with how it gathers data, but how it uses it. Our wireless hardware provides reliable blockage monitoring with minimal maintenance, but from a user-experience standpoint, it’s our software that really sets us apart.

We developed a custom iPad app with a clean, user-friendly interface to make it simple to control the Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor. In addition to the easy installation and use, the Recon app is also more economical than software that requires a virtual terminal.

The biggest benefit of the Recon app, and what truly separates it from other blockage monitoring software, is how it displays a mass flow number. By monitoring the total product flow, the Recon app will not only alert you if there is a total blockage, but also if there is a partial blockage. This feature will also alert you if the mass flow is lower than required due to a factor other than a blockage, for example, if the product is bridging inside your cart, or the lid wasn’t closed properly.

In addition to the mass flow number, the Recon app provides a bird’s-eye view of each tower to display the section-to-section variants. This makes it simple to ensure each individual run is consistently and evenly putting down the right amount of seed on every pass.

With its user-friendly iPad interface, mass flow monitoring and section-to-section variant display, the Recon app provides key advantages over other blockage monitoring software. Combined with its patented hardware, the Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor is an easy-to-use, dependable tool to help increase your profit margins.

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