With the recent advances in farming technology, software has become just as important as hardware. Virtual terminals are now a standard feature on most new tractors, and many growers have opted to retrofit older machinery with new electronics. While virtual terminals are a huge benefit in the field, they aren’t always best suited to maximize the capabilities of after-market technology.

At Intelligent Ag, we strive to ensure all our products are not only reliable, but easy to use. So, we developed a custom iPad app that works seamlessly with all Intelligent Ag products and offers a few advantages over systems that utilize a virtual terminal. First, iPads are more economical. Many growers already have an iPad, and if not, they are much cheaper to acquire compared to a virtual terminal.

Another benefit is that iPads are much more user friendly. Intelligent Ag’s app has a clean, easy-to-use interface. The iPad makes it easier to stay current with the latest software updates. If we release an update, you’ll get a notification on your iPad. With just one tap of your finger, you can get the latest version of the Intelligent Ag app.

A virtual terminal is a jack-of-all-trades for a tractor’s communication systems. This requires the user to switch to different screens to monitor different functions. With many virtual terminal systems, you won’t get a blockage alert unless you’re on the blockage screen. Intelligent Ag’s iPad app provides a dedicated blockage screen so you know you’re consistently seeding at the optimal rate. 

iPads are also mobile, so they can be used outside the cab. If you do detect a blockage, you can bring the iPad with you to help pinpoint the issue. The combination of reliability, ease-of-use, cost savings, and mobility gives Intelligent Ag’s iPad app clear advantages over blockage monitoring software that utilizes a tractor’s virtual terminal.

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