Intelligent Ag’s New Blockage Monitor Detects Blockages in Real-Time

FARGO, N.D., September 13— Intelligent Agricultural Solutions, LLC (Intelligent Ag), a leader in innovative technology solutions to help farmers get the most out of their equipment, will debut the new next-generation Recon Blockage PlusTM blockage monitor at the 2022 Big Iron show on Tuesday, September 13th. The new blockage monitor system is designed to help farmers seed right the first time by detecting blockages and reduced seed flow in real-time to prevent skips in the field while increasing yield. Attendees can visit Intelligent Ag’s booth #A12 to learn more about the technology.

The Recon Blockage Plus is the industry’s only acoustic blockage monitor system designed to use sound technology instead of optical sensors, which can get dirty and give false readings. Improving upon the last generation wireless blockage monitor (WBM), Intelligent Ag developed the Recon Blockage Plus to enhance user experience with a wired connection to the ECU for improved connectivity and the latest digital microphone technology.

“The Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow monitoring solution has been an essential piece of equipment for farmers across the U.S. and Canada for over ten years. However, Intelligent Ag is dedicated to continuous improvement, and we believe this next-generation acoustic blockage monitor will improve user experience and help farmers prevent yield loss,” said Calby Beckstrand, product manager at Intelligent Ag. “We’re excited to take the new blockage monitor with us to Big Iron to showcase what it can do.”

Benefits of the acoustic blockage monitoring system include:

  • Detect and alert the operator of any partial or full blockages
  • Adaptable to any system
  • Improve the value of your current air seeder
  • Wired connection to the ECU for better user experience
  • Easy to install & flexible options for placement on equipment
  • New and improved communication from ECU to iPad

Recon Blockage Plus adapts to nearly any equipment, allowing operators to monitor seed flow from inside the cab with an iPad application that alerts them to blockages in real-time. Farmers who currently use the WBM system from Intelligent Ag can purchase the upgraded ECU and harnessing parts through their local Intelligent Ag dealer.