Meet Sales Manager Bobby Volesky

Having grown up on his family’s farm near Wyndmere, North Dakota, and graduating from North Dakota State University (NDSU) with a degree in Ag Systems Management and Business Administration, Bobby has been involved with agriculture his entire life.

During his early years, Bobby worked on a farm that ran an aerial spraying business, grew corn and soybeans, and raised 200+ cattle. Then, while attending NDSU, Bobby started an internship with RDO Equipment. He continued working at RDO after graduation until he made the move to Intelligent Ag in 2011.

In addition to observing the similarities and differences in agriculture while traveling around the world, Bobby says the variety of work is a big reason he loves his job at Intelligent Ag. “For instance, you can travel 9,000 miles to South Africa to see a corn (maize) field with a DEKALB sign in the ditch! I love all the various aspects of the job. I am constantly doing something different, whether it’s meeting potential partners, riding with our territory managers to visit customers, attending a trade show, or helping test our products. There are many ways this job keeps me excited.”

When asked about the key to Intelligent Ag’s success, Bobby said, “People. It’s always the people. We have an extremely talented and creative engineering team that designs unique products; a manufacturing department that works tirelessly to meet our delivery demands; and, last but certainly not least, a great sales and support team that always does their best to meet and exceed customer expectations. The people that we have in all these vital rolls have solidified Intelligent Ag’s success.”

Going forward, Bobby says he’s excited to see the future growth of Intelligent Ag. “We have great ideas for products that will change the way growers produce their crops. Soon we will have these products in the field with many more team members to sell and support them. It will be truly exciting to watch Intelligent Ag grow.”